When trading forex, you need to know how to find a scam forex broker. Scammers will often offer large-scale investment opportunities with little or no risk. Nothing can be 100% guaranteed. If so, no one will ruin their rice bowl by sharing it with many people. These offers sound especially appealing to those who are new to the forex market or new to trading. But as they say, “The cheese is available only on mouse traps”. The bottom line is that here, what sounds too good is rarely true.

Rules to avoid being seduced by scammers

  • Beware of empty promises
  • Beware of software or methods with “secret formula” commercials
  • Do not install any software before you are sure it will not damage your computer

In case you’re interested:

One feature of scammers is that they rarely register with regulators. Remember that reputable forex brokers always give legal proof of their trading platform. You can find the license code with the broker’s choir management to verify them. Verifying the current license is not difficult, you just need to go to the website of the management organization and search for the broker license code there.

Study and avoid risks

The forex market is particularly risky and losses are almost inevitable. Retail traders can always be addicted to forex as a gambling game and use leverage to seek great benefits. Any trader without investment knowledge, capital management and psychology is almost gambling with the market. One thing that could be predicted with very high probability is that they would burn out.

To turn from a skilful trader to a professional trader, you need to learn a suitable trading method, much better learning and trading practice for beginners instead of traders. Looking for a high-risk low-risk method or a robot that can help them trade. Most small traders get out of the game too early not because the market is overly hot, but because they lack the knowledge that leads to the cheats.

Signs of a scam forex broker

Trading system and no evidence course

When you do research on forex trading, it’s not difficult for you to find several pages selling forex courses and trading bots. When being asked to provide evidence of their transaction history, they sure will try to avoid that question. Also, there are people who falsify trading evidence or just use a demo account to show off their profits.

Asking for your personal information

Information scammers will often ask you for things like:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Home address

Remember never reveal your information to people you don’t know well. Please keep in mind that when registering for a broker account you will always provide you with a copy of the terms. Study and read it carefully or at least learn about it through exchange review sites. The lack of verification will lead to a lack of currency soon.

No background provided

Do not rush to trust people who refuse to provide their resume to you. This could be a forex broker, a fellow trader, a course seller, or an investment manager. Remember to check over the internet to see if they are legal.

How to keep a scam forex broker away

One of the best ways to keep away from scam brokers is researching. You have to be patient. Don’t rush to make a decision. Make sure you understand what you’re doing first. Getting yourself a trustworthy broker or a forex teacher to study is not easy. You must invest your time in research, you will benefit from it later.

The first step when you come across a broker or course seller, trading system … or anything else related to forex. Search for their name on google and search for reviews. If everything about them is unavailable or the information is fake then you can avoid them.

For example, you can:

  • Visit the forex forum to see if you can find any complaints about the forex withdrawal
  • There are many reputable forex brokers but they are still complaining from customers, please be reasonable to avoid blame for some forex brokers.
  • Check out the information, this can greatly reduce your risk.


To make sure you are not being cheated and losing money, always research carefully before making a decision. Always use a licensed broker and with a transparent policy. The appeal of money is everywhere, which is why you need to understand what you need to be successful in forex trading. The road to success really goes through hardships. Don’t listen to offers about easy money. It is actually easy to lose money.

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